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Tortilla #1 (cover).jpeg

Tortilla #1

The start of it all! At the moment there are less than twenty (20) copies left. Hopefully the original art will resurface and I'll print more up. Digest size, card stock cover, 24 pages. $4.00 ppd.

Sorry. Temporarily out of print.

Tortilla #2 (cover).jpeg

Tortilla #2

The second issue which features the first chapter of my upcoming graphic novel, Turk Street Serenade, as well as re-accounting some of the the usual youthful shenanigans I got into far too often as a precocious kid. Digest size, card stock cover, 24 pages. $4.00 ppd.

Tortilla #3 (cover).jpeg

Tortilla #3

The second chapter from my upcoming graphic novel, Turk Street Serenade is featured in here as well as a short story on my harrowing experience as a junior high school kid being nearly illiterate in mathematics and the subsequent lack of understanding by the adults around me to this basic fact. Also included is a wordless comic that I had fun creating and drawing! Digest size, card stock cover, 24 pages. $4.00 ppd.

Tortilla #4 (cover).jpeg

Tortilla #4

Also known as the "Surfy/Skatey" issue. Yes, there's a couple of tales of surfing and skateboarding in here but also a story about how I inadvertently met a TV star when I was a kid and another story about the mysteries of Gold Cars. Digest size, card stock cover, 24 pages. $4.00 ppd.

Slices (cover).jpeg


A collection of a six-panel strip I wrote and drew that ran in weekly newspapers once-upon-a-time. Done in my usual "Slice O' Life" manner. Copies are running out! Digest size, card stock cover, 40 pages. $5.00 ppd.

Last Slice (cover).jpeg

Last Slice

Another collection of the same weekly strip that I wrote and drew for a few years BUT in it's final format change (4 panels). Subsequently, the weekly papers went through massive changes from re-formatting (smaller size) to going out of business entirely. Thus ended my weekly strip...though, with me one never knows. It could happen again. Digest size, card stock cover, 40 pages. $5.00 ppd.

Throb (cover).jpeg


The (surprisingly) popular wordless book that was my tribute to the great New Yorker Magazine illustrator, Istvan Banyai and his wordless works of art, Zoom and Re-Zoom. The entire story behind this project is in the inside, front cover. Digest size, card stock cover, 24 pages. $4.00 ppd.

Sueno Loco (cover).jpeg

Sueño Loco

A little comic/zine about a dream I had one night where I'm dressed in a mariachi suit behind the counter of a Taco Bell and the co-star is none other than the where-is-she-now, pre-stretched face Meg Ryan. Oh, how the hilarity ensues! Micro size, card stock cover, 15 pages. $3.00 ppd.

Los Punkers.jpeg

Los Punkers

Drawn about six/seven years ago at one of those 24 hour Comic Book events where you show up and have 24 hours to write, pencil and ink an entire 24 page comic book (minus the cover). I was at a loss on what to draw but managed to figure something out and complete the project in around 22 hours...I swear I'll never do that again. The story in this book takes place in the late 1970's when I was a junior in high school. My buddy and I decided to start a punk band which where we lived and the given time frame was practically unheard of...though that never stopped us from doing crazy stuff before, so... The bottom line of this story has to do with timing...and our timing was off by a few years. Digest size, card stock cover, 24 pages. $4.00 ppd.



They're finally here so get' em while they last! Available in any color you want as long as it's black! Yes, it's white ink on solid black shirt. Available in both Men's & Women's sizes from small to 3XL. 100% cotton. $25 ppd. (allow one to two weeks for delivery).