Stickers, stickers, stickers...

I have four (4) types of vinyl stickers available now and they can be obtained through this website. I’m thinking that for only $10 (that price includes the postage paid) I will send you to your place of mail reception a signed comic book AND all four (4) stickers. Pretty cool dealio.


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Just back from a trip to Monterey with Ms. Aymz for her birthday and we decided last minute to hit Salinas and the John Steinbeck Museum. If you should ever find yourself in the vicinity of this great institution PLEASE do yourself (and whoever you’re with) a favor and drop in for a visit.

John Steinbeck’s work is partially responsible for my love of reading and writing. I remember first reading Tortilla Flat in early high school and fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve managed to read almost all of Steinbeck’s work and have re-read some of them as well. Needless to say, many more authors were discovered through high school and beyond as I was happily swept away by it all.

So, get your eyes off of your phone and go to your library, or the public “little libraries” that are popping up in neighborhoods in front of folks houses and read more books!

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New stickers on the way

Like most folks I’m stuck indoors during this horrible apocalyptic situation that has its grip on my beloved home state (thoughts going out to the people of Paradise, CA). The only (extremely small) upside to being a recent shut in is the work I can complete instead of being distracted by all of the other shenanigans I tend to be involved with. At the moment I am attempting to complete illustration jobs, continue with the completion of the next issue of Tortilla (issue #5) and forge ahead on my graphic novel, Turk Street Serenade However, I’m still being distracted by other “little things” I’ve been meaning to get to such as a couple of new sticker designs (see picture). So, between the betweens I’ve managed to get the “other things” checked off as well.


Voting and one last halloween pic...

Yesterday was quite a huge deal for these midterm elections. Here in the East Bay it was a near frenzy to say the least. On a personal note, since moving here to Alameda some four plus months ago and repeatedly contacting ALL of the proper agencies to let them know that yes, I have moved and yes, this is my new address I still hadn’t received my voter packet in the mail. I ended up going to the polls and voted (with a bevy of personal ID’s, voter verification et al) and am happy to be done with it. I hope that you voted as well.

Now, for that one last halloween pic… (Those who know me know I love the Residents).


Halloween and my health status update

Another Halloween has passed and though I’ve been a bit down-and-out-for-the-count, I still managed to have a good time (thank you Amy!). Now, I just realized that the title of this post is a bit misleading and I certainly don’t want to mislead anyone. My health is just fine…it’s my right foot that’s been keeping me laid up. How it happened? Well, one of my newest passions has become Pickleball and I happen to live around the corner from some stellar Pickleball courts. I try to play as much as possible through the week. Some weeks I get in a few days worth of sessions, other weeks I’m lucky to get just one. The beginning of this week I went to play Monday morning and about an hour in, while lunging for a shot I managed to roll/twist my ankle pretty bad. Ugh!

I ended up limping back home to ice and elevate my foot (after swallowing a lot of Ibuprofen). The pain was excruciating and lasted for a few days. Needless-to-say, I didn’t get much else done for the past few days.

Today- I feel a whole lot better but still have some residual pain and am still walking with a limp, so I’m staying off of the foot a little bit but managing to walk a bit as well. Hey- at least I’m not taking pain killers before bed and am off of the ibuprofen as well! I feel that, for a guy my age that I am healing rather quickly considering.

Now, to move forward. I hope that your Halloween was a great one. I have included a picture of the first pumpkin that I have carved in a least the past 6/7 years. It took about 20 minutes (fastest I’ve ever carved a pumpkin) and I think that it came out pretty cool.



For the third year in a row I’ve been participating in the global phenomenon known as Inktober. Inktober is where artists draw a picture a day in the month of October and post it to social media. This is also the first year I’ve been using a prompt (a suggestion list) for what to draw each day. I usually just draw whatever comes into my near empty head but this year I guess I wanted a bit more of a challenge. Also, this time around and for some unexplained reason I have been posting my silly contributions only to my Instagram account and not my Facebook account. Call it laziness, electronic ineptitude, whatever. If anyone is interested just go over to Instagram and look for (@the_real_comixvato), or I’ll eventually post them on Facebook.

Johnny Thunders.jpeg

Transportation, training, aging and other stuff...

Hey all! Hope that your fall is coming along smoothly. Halloween is almost here and I’m pretty darned excited. Speaking of fall…I had a little fall (as in tumble) from my steed (pictured) recently but I faired pretty well for a middle aged guy. A scraped elbow and a seat tore off of my bike was about all it amounted to. I immediately replaced the seat and the elbow is now healed. I’m now back at it!

I’m enjoying my time on my bike and am training to do some camping off of it this coming spring and summer 2019. Don’t know where yet and for how long but it’s going to happen.

Also, 2019 will be the year my graphic novel (Turk Street Serenade) will be completed and out. FINALLY rounding the bend with the edits and have been diligently penciling and inking in the chapters! WOO! Hey! I’m also drawing up Tortilla issue #5 as I write this! It should make it’s debut at the Latino Comics Expo in Modesto, CA this coming March 15-16 2019! Come by as I’ll also have back issues of Tortilla, one-shot books, original art for sale…cheap! As well as T-shirts, stickers and such!

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