Tales From La Vida launch @ SJSU

Had a great time at the launch of professor Frederick Luis Aldama’s anthology; Tales From La Vida at the MLK library on the San Jose State University campus last Saturday. I rolled down there in the Surf Vato Mobile and brought along the fantastic cartoonist/animator/modern revolutionary, Dustin “Dus-T” Garcia for the event, where the young Mr. Garcia and I had plenty of time to expound on all things comix and otherwise.

I am truly honored to be in and a part of Tales From La Vida, as it contains many of the great voices of the Latinx comics scene. This is an excellent anthology and I highly recommend it to anyone reading this.

A special gracias goes out to Ricardo Padilla of the Latino Comics Expo and Kathryn Blackmer-Reyes of the SJSU MLK library.


New Digs and a trip to Ohio

As you can see by the photo below I am in yet another new spot for my studio. It’s far more spacious than the photo leads you to believe but it’s still a bit unorganized from my recent move, so I’m just showing you the “main part” that I work in. The graphic novel is in full swing and I plan on working on Tortilla (issue #5) in-between the graphic novel and the incidental illustration gigs I’m working on.

Also- I’m pleased, honored and proud to be back in Columbus, OH for the 2018 Sol-Con AND 2018 CXC! Come by to one or both events and say Hola! I look forward to seeing you.


Expo's, Cons and Power Rangers

Just a little update for the two or three of you that look at this website...

First, I am happy and quite proud to announce that I will be attending this years 2018 Sol-Con in Columbus, OH on the Ohio State University Campus September 27 & 28. That same weekend in Columbus I will also be an exhibitor at the 2018 Columbus Crossroads Comics (CXC) located at the Downtown Columbus Metropolitan Library. Come by and say hello (or, Hola) if you're in the area.

Second, I will not be attending this years SF Zine Fest. Too much going on and choices must be made. Maybe 2019?

Finally, I leave you with this picture of myself with the Red Power Ranger on a very recent trip down to the central coast.

jaime & red power ranger.jpg

Relocation and other stuff...

Yep. After 26 years in Marin County Pickles the Cat and I have pulled up stakes and moved to bee-u-tee-ful Alameda, California. We both really like it over here. So, we're still well in the bay area and that's great.

Also on the docket, after some thought I will indeed be attending the SF Zine Fest. But it was a no-brainer to attend the Sol-Con: Black and Brown Comic Expo/CXC Comics Crossroads Columbus this September in Columbus, Ohio. 

I'm also working on Tortilla #5 and yes, the graphic novel, Turk Street Serenade.  

(pictured; sunset from Alameda looking back towards downtown Oakland)


Mas Camisas....

I know that it's been a while since I last posted on the blog/website but trust me, I'm whittling away at t-shirt designs (for others and Corn Tortilla Press) as well as working on and rewriting the graphic novel. Also, some big changes are brewing around here and I'll keep you all posted about that at a sooner-than-later date.

One of the shirt idea's I have is pretty Bay Area centric (pictured)...especially from my generation and earlier. I thought a good commentary on how print media is becoming extinct and things that were once icons are of little or no value among the common day-to-day workings now, or seem that way. The thought of "the Little Man" popped into my head. The Little Man has been in the SF Chronicle for decades (created by Chronicle cartoonist, Warren Goodrich, creator fo the comic strip, "Animal Crackers" on August 23, 1942) was one of those things that was part of my personal life and thousands of others for decades as I'd see him hopping on his chair, or not in his chair at all regarding his take on films. When I opened the Sunday Chronicle entertainment section, also known as the Pink Section as it was printed on pink newsprint (the sports section, also known as the Sporting Green was printed on green newsprint) I would see his reaction and then read the review of the said film.

This t-shirt idea of a dead Little Man says it all for me...I was thinking of printing him up, black and white on light pink shirts (get it?) and having a limited number printed. We'll see.


little dead man.jpeg

Lunch Poems....

One of my favorite poets is Frank O'Hara who wrote that great little chap book, Lunch Poems. Now, I'm not posting this because of poetry, or Frank O'Hara or such things, no. The other day I just decided to grab my lunch and drive out to the bay (in this case, next to the new Target in San Rafael) and enjoy my lunch while looking out onto the bay, with the forbidding, low-slung clouds and onto the San Rafael/Richmond bridge marching it's way into the mighty East Bay. 

Sometimes, lunch can be poetry....


Get your stylin' TORTILLA T's Today!

Yep. You to can be the envy of your neighborhood, school, office or cell block just like Jimbo here (pictured below) by scoring then sporting your very own Tortilla Comix + Stories T-shirt! We still have 'em in both women's and men's styles and both are sizes from small all-the-through to 3XL! They come in black, high quality 100% cotton with white ink. What are you waiting for? Go to the Corn Tortilla website and order today!