Summer Reconnections

I’ve been doing a bit of personal reflecting this summer, even going as far as to reconnect with some very special people to me. I suppose it’s the passing of several childhood friends that makes one take stock? Maybe it’s just that age? Late 50’s pushing right up against the big SIX-Oh, man! How in the fuck did that get here so soon!? My friends and I are coming up on our 40th high school reunion. That got here pretty quick as well. Now, anyone reading this that knows me, or more precisely knew me back when that by my junior year of high school I made it a point to spend as little time as possible in school have probably figured out that a reunion for high school is lost on a dude like me. Besides, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio that weekend attending not one, but two comic events and hanging with a bunch of other creative and fun cartoonists! But if I weren’t doing that I would probably haul my sorry ass back to my hometown and spend the evening with these folks.

None-the-less, I was able to have a mini-sort of reunion with Mark Tomassetti, Gretchen Gaither and my dear pal, Kris Hanson. Not quite two weeks prior to that mini-reunion I got to see another bud from the past all the way from NYC right here in the East Bay no less, Mr. Jim Hershman! It was wonderful seeing everyone! I had a splendid time. I hope that they did as well. My point of all this? Well, my parting words on this missive is this; Contact your friends and say hello, once in a while. Tell ‘em how much they meant to you and that you love them. After all, we all helped each other shape who we became.

Mark, Gretchen, Kris and me.jpeg
Extra Jimmies.jpeg