Checking in

For the regular readers of this blog you’ve probably figured out by now that I occasionally forget to make updates. In fact, I often forget that I actually have a website. So, here’s the update…not much is going on other than working on a chapter of the graphic novel and doing a few spot illustrations here-and-there. I’ve also cut back on the social media input as well.

As for the blog I’m going to implement a weekly update (at least) as well as having the comments section open incase any of you may want to remark or just say hello. Also, I’m sending out another round of packages this week to those who have bought comix, t-shirts and such. I’m getting some persistent requests for Tortilla #1 and I am going to repeat myself here, hopefully for the last time, I have NO MORE copies left. I don’t even have a single copy for myself. They are gone and until I find all of the art for that issue it is officially listed as OUT OF PRINT and it’s looking like that might be for good as I think I tossed some of the original art in one of my recent relocations.

Blurry me.jpeg