Checking in....

I realize that I’ve been a bit negligent in posting on the blog but I haven’t had much to report and I have been busy cranking out the next issue of Tortilla (#5) and doing some illo, no one really reads this anyway. And…..I’m gonna hop back on the graphic novel train shortly as well.

Oh- and finally a HUGE gracias to Javier Hernandez and Ricardo Padilla, as well as the incomparable Dr. Teresa Rojas for the Best LCE (Latino Comics Expo) EVER! It was held on the Modesto Junior College campus this past March 15 & 16 and was an incredible experience! Dr. Rojas has been teaching her classes using a lot of our (LCE cartoonists) work and it has really engaged the students. I hope to return next year!

Pictured below…my co-worker, Pickles the Cat taking a break on the window sill.

pickles in studio.jpg