Short Run

Well, it was a short run on my bike for a planned trip from here at the Corn Tortilla Press World Headquarters in Alameda to an Air BandB in East Sacramento. I made it just outside of Concord before Antioch. A flat tire (blown spare) and no water called for a return home. Still, made it 35.1 miles. I’ve included a few photos. Pushed the bike and all it’s “ton-age” up the Oakland Hills for a spectacular view (looking West) of San Francisco, the Bay Bridge as well as the Golden Gate Bridge. Once at the top I then bombed down Skyline Blvd. all the way down to the amazingly beautiful Pinehurst Canyon, where that in itself was breath taking and my brakes squealed the entire way down the four plus miles of steep road (steel frame touring bike with four loaded panniers and a 200 lb dude…). I was also duly impressed by the wonderful layout of bike paths through the back part of the East Bay. The Lafayette-Moraga trail, Iron Horse Trail, Contra Costa Trail, etc. were incredibly well laid out and void of traffic. However, Willow Pass Road was a whole other story (obviously where I got the flat). Had to walk most of it and crossing the narrow bridge (built in 1944) with the loaded bike on foot was more than nerve wracking as traffic had to slow down to pass me. Ugh. I finally made it through all that some miles and hours later under the shade of highway 4 with a flat and my back up spare blown realizing my trip was at its abrupt end. Still, I wasn’t too bummed. I would of liked to made one more day but…meh. It just is what it is.

I didn’t take many photos on this ride as I was busy actually enjoying the ride. I’m not giving up. I’ll take this run again and will succeed the next time. Until then, I have a couple of shorter rides planned. Stay tuned.

Almost Skyline.jpg