Mas Camisas....

I know that it's been a while since I last posted on the blog/website but trust me, I'm whittling away at t-shirt designs (for others and Corn Tortilla Press) as well as working on and rewriting the graphic novel. Also, some big changes are brewing around here and I'll keep you all posted about that at a sooner-than-later date.

One of the shirt idea's I have is pretty Bay Area centric (pictured)...especially from my generation and earlier. I thought a good commentary on how print media is becoming extinct and things that were once icons are of little or no value among the common day-to-day workings now, or seem that way. The thought of "the Little Man" popped into my head. The Little Man has been in the SF Chronicle for decades (created by Chronicle cartoonist, Warren Goodrich, creator fo the comic strip, "Animal Crackers" on August 23, 1942) was one of those things that was part of my personal life and thousands of others for decades as I'd see him hopping on his chair, or not in his chair at all regarding his take on films. When I opened the Sunday Chronicle entertainment section, also known as the Pink Section as it was printed on pink newsprint (the sports section, also known as the Sporting Green was printed on green newsprint) I would see his reaction and then read the review of the said film.

This t-shirt idea of a dead Little Man says it all for me...I was thinking of printing him up, black and white on light pink shirts (get it?) and having a limited number printed. We'll see.


little dead man.jpeg