Back From Ohio...

I'm back from Ohio a week ago and apologize for the late post. Came down with a flu that laid me out most of last week, but I am all better now and tearing into work. I attended my first SPACE (Small Press Alternative Comic Expo) and met some great folks and also finally got to meet and hang with some of the obscuro cartoonists that I've been in publications with and corresponded with for the past 30 years! What a treat!

Also- since I was in town for a few days I got to have a cup 'o Joe with none other than the dude of dudes, Dr. Frederick "Fede" Aldama himself (see photo)! Always good to catch up with the Profe and chat about further Sol-Con plans and the folks who make-up the group (which I am proudly a member of). 

Okay- I need to get back to it!

Fede y Jaime.JPG