Transportation, training, aging and other stuff...

Hey all! Hope that your fall is coming along smoothly. Halloween is almost here and I’m pretty darned excited. Speaking of fall…I had a little fall (as in tumble) from my steed (pictured) recently but I faired pretty well for a middle aged guy. A scraped elbow and a seat tore off of my bike was about all it amounted to. I immediately replaced the seat and the elbow is now healed. I’m now back at it!

I’m enjoying my time on my bike and am training to do some camping off of it this coming spring and summer 2019. Don’t know where yet and for how long but it’s going to happen.

Also, 2019 will be the year my graphic novel (Turk Street Serenade) will be completed and out. FINALLY rounding the bend with the edits and have been diligently penciling and inking in the chapters! WOO! Hey! I’m also drawing up Tortilla issue #5 as I write this! It should make it’s debut at the Latino Comics Expo in Modesto, CA this coming March 15-16 2019! Come by as I’ll also have back issues of Tortilla, one-shot books, original art for sale…cheap! As well as T-shirts, stickers and such!

My Bike.jpeg