New Mexico

Back from New Mexico and what a trip! I love this state. It was too short of a visit but I'll go back soon enough for another! Yes, I know there is no ocean but there is beauty in the desert that words can't even begin to explain. Couple that with less populace AND reasonable price rates on EVERYTHING (yeah- I'm from the bay area where prices are beyond insane and the populace continues to soar unabated just like the cost of living)....oh, man! It makes it easier to leave my beloved home  state and relocate to someplace SANE where one doesn't need to kill oneself just to be able to dwell there. This place is back on the table as a possible "go to" destination to live the rest of my life. 

This is a year for change, so...I'll keep the two or three of you who follow this blog posted right here.

(Below- The Organ Mountains, Las Cruces, NM)

Organ Mts.JPG