Man Plans...God Laughs

My mom used to say that when I'd get frustrated as a boy if things got out of hand and plans were changed, or even dashed. She mostly said it in Spanish; "Planes del hombre...Dios se rié." but you get the drift. I've been planning to get things done and make certain sacrifices to get my graphic novel completed by the end of the year AND put out Tortilla #5 by the end of the summer. Neither will happen within that time frame. These things will be completed...the graphic novel I'm shooting for this time next year, maybe sooner. Tortilla #5 will be out before the end of the year.

Loads of things going on in my head and all around me in general. I've put moving out of state back on the table as a real possibility again. Moving may not happen anytime soon...or, at all (lets hope). Just weighing all the variables. Anyway- that's the status thus far. 

Other news- I'll be at the SF Zine Fest on Saturday, September 3 (yes, I was able to get in last minute) at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park-1199 9Th Avenue (Sunset district side of the park) in SF. I'll also be at the Novato Library on September 16 from 1pm - 3pm. The Novato library is located at 1720 Novato Blvd. I'll be speaking with Liz Mayorga (Bread & Butter) and Ricardo Padilla (co-founder of the Latino Comics Expo).