New radio program, "Toon In" is being aired at KWMR

I'm a bit late with this but better late then never, yeah? I've just begun to produce a new radio program at KWMR entitled; "Toon In", where I interview cartoonists about their work and lives as cartoonists. The program is only a half hour but you'd be surprised by how much one can pack into that amount of time. I just interviewed gentleman cartoonist and old pal, Keith Knight this past Tuesday, June 6 (you can hear it by going to the KWMR website, and look in the Archives section...though, they stay in there for two (2) weeks only). 

I'm hoping this will help promote an art form that I have been involved with most of my life as well as give the outside world a glimpse into the people who create this fantastic medium. I've posted on my Events section the upcoming programs and will continue to update as we go along.

"Toon In" is on alternating Tuesdays at 10:00 am Pacific Time. I hope you'll join us.