Hai Karate and the Old Man

I've recently been going through some things in my storage unit as the Corn Tortilla Press World Headquarters is going to have to pull up stakes and move. I was pleasantly surprised to find this bottle of Hai Karate cologne in a box. Those of us of a "certain age" will remember the Hai Karate commercials that ran on TV in the (late?) 1960's. Those of you who don't I've attached a link to it below.

I was a little kid in grammar school when this commercial first aired but the hilarity of the ad, plus it featuring "karate" was really a cool deal to me! As for how I obtained this now vintage bottle of after shave is even more interesting (to me, anyway) as it belonged to my step-grandfather, who helped raise me and who I loved very much. When I was a teenager and out-of-high school he passed away, which was the spring of 1980. My family was at his house cleaning some of his stuff out and my mom had me start cleaning out the bathroom and there, in the medicine cabinet was this bottle of Hai Karate. I began to laugh out loud as the thought of my grandpa, fighting off women using karate moves just cracked me up. Needless-to-say, holding this bottle some 37 years later brought back a lot of fond memories for me about my grandfather, my mom and my two brothers. 


Source: https://youtu.be/jtwh3nQP5Uo