Comic Book events past and upcoming...

Yes, I am aware of my negligence concerning the to day-to-day upkeep of my website. However, I do come around and put something in here on occasion.

Just returned a week ago or so from a great trip out to Columbus, Ohio for the third annual Sol-Con (Latino-African American Comic Con), which the following two days was then incorporated into the CXC (Cartoon Crossroads Columbus). These two events (which almost felt like one BIG event) was fantastic. Ran into a lot of old cartoonist buddies I have know through time and met a whole slew of new friends. I can't wait for next year!

Coming month on November 11-12 I'll once again be in Long Beach, CA most likely with my good pal and road dog, Mario Hernandez (Love & Rockets) for the 7th annual Latino Comix Expo! I love this particular con as it's a great chance to look into all of the different Latinx cartoonists that are out there.

We'll (LCE) also will be in Salinas, CA on December 16-17 for the Salinas Valley Comic Con which will be held at the Hartnell Collage Student Center.

This is just the tip of the ice berg because next February the Latino Comics Expo will be on our first out-of-state event in Texas! I'll post up the dates and location soon.