End of summer update

Well, I’m still here on earth (for now) and thought that I’d post something here on my blog incase anyone will actually read it. I’m sure that you’re looking at that picture and shrugging slightly thinking, “Meh. So what.” Well, you’re half right. I’ve been riding/training to start some bike touring around the state while I still can. First trip will be a trip from here in Alameda to my hometown of Sacramento. The trip (one-way) is only about 110 miles door-to-door but I plan on splitting the trip up into 50+ mile days and “stealth camping” on the way up and on the way back.

Naturally, I’ll keep the blog posted on what went down AND I’m going to do a small run comic book out of the trip as well. Stay tuned.

two tons o' fun.jpg

Summer Reconnections

I’ve been doing a bit of personal reflecting this summer, even going as far as to reconnect with some very special people to me. I suppose it’s the passing of several childhood friends that makes one take stock? Maybe it’s just that age? Late 50’s pushing right up against the big SIX-Oh, man! How in the fuck did that get here so soon!? My friends and I are coming up on our 40th high school reunion. That got here pretty quick as well. Now, anyone reading this that knows me, or more precisely knew me back when that by my junior year of high school I made it a point to spend as little time as possible in school have probably figured out that a reunion for high school is lost on a dude like me. Besides, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio that weekend attending not one, but two comic events and hanging with a bunch of other creative and fun cartoonists! But if I weren’t doing that I would probably haul my sorry ass back to my hometown and spend the evening with these folks.

None-the-less, I was able to have a mini-sort of reunion with Mark Tomassetti, Gretchen Gaither and my dear pal, Kris Hanson. Not quite two weeks prior to that mini-reunion I got to see another bud from the past all the way from NYC right here in the East Bay no less, Mr. Jim Hershman! It was wonderful seeing everyone! I had a splendid time. I hope that they did as well. My point of all this? Well, my parting words on this missive is this; Contact your friends and say hello, once in a while. Tell ‘em how much they meant to you and that you love them. After all, we all helped each other shape who we became.

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Extra Jimmies.jpeg

Checking in

For the regular readers of this blog you’ve probably figured out by now that I occasionally forget to make updates. In fact, I often forget that I actually have a website. So, here’s the update…not much is going on other than working on a chapter of the graphic novel and doing a few spot illustrations here-and-there. I’ve also cut back on the social media input as well.

As for the blog I’m going to implement a weekly update (at least) as well as having the comments section open incase any of you may want to remark or just say hello. Also, I’m sending out another round of packages this week to those who have bought comix, t-shirts and such. I’m getting some persistent requests for Tortilla #1 and I am going to repeat myself here, hopefully for the last time, I have NO MORE copies left. I don’t even have a single copy for myself. They are gone and until I find all of the art for that issue it is officially listed as OUT OF PRINT and it’s looking like that might be for good as I think I tossed some of the original art in one of my recent relocations.

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Tortilla #5 is here and ready to be read by Y-O-U!

Yep. Finally completed and printed up, Tortilla #5 (with color cover). This is a fun issue as I had fun doing it. I started it at the end of last year around the holidays and finished around a month or so ago. Also, that makes this the first complete comic book I have created at my new place!

As usual it’s available here on my website on the Shop page. Naturally, when buying any of my books online I’ll be sure to sign them and put in a sticker and such. Hope you dig it as much as I do!

Tortilla #5 website.jpeg

Back from bee-u-tee-ful Paris!

Yep. Ms. Aymz and I spent a wonderful week plus in Paris and had an absolutely great time. Now, it wasn’t my first trip there (or even my third) but I LOVE that city and am never disappointed. I’ll include a few photos here (as high lights) but am keeping the rest just for me.

Jaime in Paris.jpg

Checking in....

I realize that I’ve been a bit negligent in posting on the blog but I haven’t had much to report and I have been busy cranking out the next issue of Tortilla (#5) and doing some illo gigs..plus, no one really reads this anyway. And…..I’m gonna hop back on the graphic novel train shortly as well.

Oh- and finally a HUGE gracias to Javier Hernandez and Ricardo Padilla, as well as the incomparable Dr. Teresa Rojas for the Best LCE (Latino Comics Expo) EVER! It was held on the Modesto Junior College campus this past March 15 & 16 and was an incredible experience! Dr. Rojas has been teaching her classes using a lot of our (LCE cartoonists) work and it has really engaged the students. I hope to return next year!

Pictured below…my co-worker, Pickles the Cat taking a break on the window sill.

pickles in studio.jpg

The Latino Comics Expo 2019!!!!

That’s right! Coming up on March 15th & 16th I’ll be at the Latino Comics Expo held this year in Modesto, CA on the Modesto Community College campus! Come see your favorite and maybe not-so-favorite cartoonists and enjoy the festivities! I hope to see you there!

Forgot to mention earlier…I’ll (hopefully) have a NEW issue of Tortilla, Tortilla #5 to premiere at this event, so come on down!


Small Press Expo PLCAF 2019

Yes, I will be attending the Small Press Expo at PLCAF (Peninsula Comics Arts Fest) 2019 in Foster City, CA. on Saturday, February 2 at the Foster City Library from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Come on by and holla’ at ya boy. There will be tons of cool stuff there to buy and look at. Hope to see you.