SPACE (Small Press Alternative Comics Expo)

I will be attending SPACE this weekend in Columbus, OH. and if you're in the area I hope that you stop by and say hello! I'll be slinging comic books, t-shirts, original art and stickers. The show will be this Saturday and Sunday, April 28 & 29 located at the Northland Performing Arts Center 4411 Tamarack Blvd. Columbus, Ohio. Hope to see you there!


Get your TORTILLA t-shirts while they last!

That's right boys and girls the TORTILLA Comix + Stories T-shirts are rocking the world as Ms. Pamela is proudly modeling below! Be the envy of your block by sporting one of these puppies... 100% black cotton shirt with white ink. Available in both women's cuts and men's cuts! The sizes in both cuts go from small to 3XL! Something for everyone! They're only $25 (ppd) and will be delivered to your door by the worlds fastest Chupacabra! Just go to the "Shop" page on the Corn Tortilla website for all the deets! 

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Joshua Tree!

Just returned from Joshua Tree and nearby areas there of and had a blast hiking and exploring with Ms. Amy May. The landscape is other worldly and I whole heartedly recommend a visit. If you've been there then revisit Joshua Tree and take advantage of any and all national parks!


Get Your T-shirts While They Last!

Hey kids! Be the first on your block like Ms. Amy May (pictured) to sport the TORTILLA Comix + Stories t-shirt! They are black, all cotton t-shirts printed with white ink and come in both women's & mens sizes from small to XXXL! Only $25 (ppd) and will be delivered to your door lickety split! Take a photo of you or a loved one wearing your TORTILLA Comix + Stories t-shirt and tag me on FB and IG and I'll also post it on the Corn Tortilla Press website AND you'll receive absolutely free a copy of a TORTILLA comic book plus TORTILLA Comix + Stories stickers! Get 'em while they last!


Alex Nieto Memorial Fundraiser

I hope you will be able to attend this event on Friday, April 6th at the Mission Hill Saloon in San Pancho (SF). There will be music supplied by DJ Velez & Kiko de "Scratchy B Siders" raffles, silent auction, etc. ALL proceeds go to the Alex Nieto Memorial fund. 

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Website et al

Thank you to all who have been interested in my comix and t-shirts and other shenanigans! I do have a Corn Tortilla Press page on Facebook but rarely, if ever look at it since my website is set to post on FB (sort of) automatically. I'd remove it if I could but FB isn't set up that way, so....I'll continue to ignore it while tossing out missives here-and-again on my website. Gracias!


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Man Plans, God Laughs

Life is always full of surprises and challenges. I’ve managed to circumvent a lot of obstacles in 57 years on this planet only to find myself facing the very real possibility of selling about 97% of my earthly possessions (emptying my storage unit completely as well) and then buy, outfit and move into a van. Yes, you’ve read that right…a van. This is all speculation and thought at this point. There are other options that I am weighing but being a homeless loser in a van is one of them. I’m not in a van yet…YET.

I am at another crossroads in my life. I’ve done just about everything that can be done in a life thus far. I’ve had incredible highs and the lowest of lows, victories and defeats. I’ve lived several lifetimes already and shake my head and laugh at the thought of it all.  But before I start to sound like the intro to the old TV program, Wide World of Sports I just wanted to briefly toss out there the reasoning behind my thinking.

Like most of you reading this I’m tired of throwing out thousands of dollars a month in rent on a subpar dwelling. I spend about $25,000 annually on rent alone! I live in a small, one-bedroom apartment that is not centrally located or anything of that nature. I’m also “supposedly” getting quite the deal for the area I'm living in. To me, that's like standing in a huge vat of gasoline up to my chest and someone tells me that I'm lucky because I'm holding more matches than most people. As all of you have undoubtedly noticed things have become way out-of-hand and greed has taken over. The population is growing at an alarming rate (by 2050 there will be in excess of ten billion people on the planet) and unfortunately it’s NEVER going to return to any form of sanity. This may be the new normal. Ugh.

My logic here is this; with no rent to pay (if I bought a van I’d buy it outright so no monthly car payment), no other bills with exception of a phone bill. I’d only have a monthly bill or two in an obviously minimal life. Granted, for a semi homebody like myself living in a van will create more than a few challenges. 

This is all just thinking out loud, processing the options. I do find it interesting though that as a man at this point in my life where I should be thinking about retirement, instead I’m thinking of survival with minimum stressors and one of those options happens to be van dwelling. Hm…

sprinter van.jpg