Jaime Crespo is a native Californian who has been a published cartoonist for well over 35 years and has had his comics appear in several anthologies over time (Monkey Wrench, Buzzard, Backwoods, White Buffalo Gazette to name but a few) as well as in many magazines and weekly papers and solo comic books. He is also part of the Latino Comics Expo. Crespo focuses mainly on but not limited to bio/auto bio stories (ala Harvey Pekar). Crespo has had his comic strip, Slice O’ Life (later shorted to Slices) in weekly papers around the US. Upon the downsizing and in most cases the collapse of some weekly papers, is when he then returned to self-publishing an on-going comic book title, Tortilla in which he may tell longer stories outside of the four-panel comic strip format. Currently, Jaime is in the midst of his much-anticipated first graphic novel, Turk Street Serenade, which focuses on his time spent as a janitor/maintenance man in a San Francisco Tenderloin District SRO hotel during the mid-1980’s.


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